We bring people unexpected joy through aggressive generosity.

At SpreadMAGIC we believe it takes very little to bring unexpected joy into people’s lives. When we consciously look for ways to experience aggressive generosity, everybody benefits. You feel good for doing something for someone, and they feel good for receiving it. Even the people who see it happen or hear about it later feel good. Everybody wins, and it takes very little effort.
MAGIC stands for Moore Aggressive Generosity Is Contagious, and we’ve developed an experiment to prove it. 

Who are you and why is MORE spelled wrong?

We are Tricia Tamkin and Jason Thibeault.

We own Moore eSSentials, a training and coaching firm for headhunters. We thought we’d be clever and use Moore from our business, which is where this idea originated.

One of the fundamental cornerstones of our company is Random Acts of Kindness. We believe strategic business development isn’t brain surgery and can be done effectively by simply being kind. There’s a bit more to it, but that’s the gist of it.

When Jason was studying for his Black Belt in MMA, he had to document 100 Random Acts of Kindness. We did this as a family and found it to have a huge impact on our lives. We were happier and so were the people around us. This was done over a 90-day period, so more than one a day. When you have a limited amount of time to reach the goal, you must be constantly looking for ways to be unexpectedly kind. It changes your view of the world. It was aggressive kindness.

Tricia is a longtime student of Tony Robbins and learned about WAM, Walking Around Money. This is the idea that you have a set budget each month for cash you give to strangers to surprise and delight them. It’s amazing what happens when you give the kid at the drive thru $20 dollars for your $5 meal and thank him for doing his job well. (When Tricia did this, the boy was so thrilled she had to check to see if she gave him $100 on accident. She didn’t. He was just that excited.)

When Tricia and Jason travel to Disney, they bring 100 extra trading pins and give them away to well behaved kids. They get as much joy as the children for helping to make their experience more magical.

The impact of kindness can be experienced in so many ways. And now it’s time to go big.

There are endless stories of how people are surprised and delighted when you are aggressively generous, and part of our experiment will be to see how many people we can encourage to join our movement.  

Yes. A Movement. We want to bring a bunch of like-minded people together and collectively become aggressively generous to bring unexpected joy into the world. So, what does that mean? First, let’s define aggressively generous. There are three main ways you can be aggressively generous. With your time, your knowledge and your money. Let’s break it down.

Aggressively Generous with Time

Aggressively Generous with Knowledge

Aggressively Generous with Money

How Can I Participate?

It’s easy. Be aggressively generous, enter the details on the SpreadMAGIC Google Sheet, and then tell the story in our Facebook Group. The pinned post in the group has the link, but you can still participate even if you don’t have a Facebook Account. Access the sheet with the button below. 

Once you’ve entered the very basic information, please go to the SpreadMAGIC Facebook Group and share with everyone the impact you made. Let all of us enjoy your aggressive generosity. You can join the Facebook Group through the button below. 

Please join us in bringing more joy to the world through aggressive generosity.

If our mission has inspired you, our first choice is that you be aggressively generous, enter it on the sheet and tell us about it in the group. If that doesn’t align for you, but you still want to support our cause, please donate.

All monies received will be used for aggressive generosity to surprise and delight random people. We’ll provide updates in the group for how much is donated, to whom and their reactions. We’ll even try and video it, where appropriate.
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This is where it starts. The beginning. When you reach out to us, we’ll reach back — quickly and confidentially.